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Services I Offer

People are shaped by their relationships and life experiences. Together we will uncover the life events that have impacted your current reality.  I will be your partner in this journey of exploration and discovery. There is no "one size fits all" model of therapy. Your experience is unique; our relationship will be unique; and your path to healing will be unique.


Individual Therapy


We will work to understand your current difficulties and improve positive thinking and behavior. I will help you to “re-frame” your reactions, recognize distressing interactions, and empower you to take actions. In so doing, you will achieve greater self-awareness, emotional comfort, and relationship satisfaction.

Becoming vulnerable in the presence of a stranger can be overwhelming and scary. But the payoff can be absolutely tremendous. I will do my best to provide a non-judgmental, supportive, and accepting atmosphere that will allow us to challenge one another and collaborate about healthy ways to reduce your distress and enhance your ability to feel joy. Reach out....let's deserve it.

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